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  • Julia from RSVPify

    Hi Hazar & Mohamad!

    Thank you for reaching out. Happy to help!

    While it is possible to remove the email requirement for each individual guest, the system still requires at least one email address to be provided per submission (regardless of the group size).

    The reason for this is that the system immediately sends a confirmation email that contains all the details of the registration. This is a setting that cannot be changed by the event host.

    As for limiting the number of people who can register per submission, you can easily do that in Form Builder> RSVP block settings by enabling the "limit max attendees per group" option. If you're using an invite list, you can set this limit to each invitee directly by following this guide: 

    How to allow guests a +1 or +X
    I hope this was helpful. If any other questions come up, feel free to reach out!
    The RSVPify Team 

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