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Event with 2 times and 2 locations


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  • Julia from RSVPify

    Hi Tara!

    Thank you for reaching out. Happy to help!

    You can add two map blocks to the event website page and set the locations separately. Also, you're welcome to share all the other information about your events here as well. This guide can help you out with that: How to add details to my event website?

    As for collecting registrations for these two events, I would suggest you use the Secondary Event feature. A Secondary Event is any event you'd like guests to reply to in addition to your primary event. While all guests will be asked to RSVP to your primary event, you can opt to also ask ALL guests to RSVP to a Secondary Event or manage your invite list so only certain people are asked to RSVP to your Secondary Event. To learn more about secondary events - check out this guide.

    I hope this was helpful. If any other questions come up, feel free to reach out!

    The RSVPify Team 


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