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Directing people to RSVPs without making them find their invitation



  • Julia from RSVPify

    Hi Brandon!

    That's a great question! Happy to clarify

    So when testing an email invitation with these buttons included, you would have to send out an actual email to yourself instead of the email preview so the system can connect the invitee receiving the email to the invite list automatically. While the lookup block will be skipped through, your invitees still need to click "continue" on the welcome message block to get to the RSVP block. 

    Of course, you are also welcome to test out other methods to increase the privacy of your event by setting one overall event password instead of individual invitee passcodes. 

    I hope this was helpful. If any other questions come up, feel free to reach out!

    The RSVPify Team 

  • Brandon Downey

    Hey Julia,

    Thanks for the response, but I'm still getting this behavior.

    Just to be clear:

    1. I have an event which is published
    2. I am sending a real email (and consuming credits)
    3. This email is constructed to have the 'RSVP button'.
    4. The subject of the email is not the owner of my account (I just used my work address to test). 

    I get the email on the account, and see [I'll Be there] / [Can't Make it].

    Click either of these takes me to my event, which prompts me to [Continue]. 

    When I click that, I'm back to the [First Name] / [Last Name] / [Email] Searching form. The event definitely doesn't 'know' me as the originating account.

    Maybe I'm missing something super obvious, but if you know what that is, I'd be most grateful! 

    - Brandon

  • Brandon Downey

    Just a followup: I have this working now. I'll document my steps in case anyone else does this.

    I had had entered some invites in my invitee list for testing. While I was trying to fix this problem, I decided to test this with the 'import a sheet' functionality, which takes an .xslx and populates the invite list. I did two personal accounts by hand, imported those, then invited them, and this 'worked as intended'. 

    Make invite with RSVP buttons -> send invites via mail (2 credits) -> receive mail, click on invite, and bam, it recognized me and my fake party. :) 

    The last remaining odd thing is that when I click through, first it has an interstitial which is 'Is this you X?', then immediately takes me to my RSVP. Not a big deal though.

    Thanks for the help, maybe it was just the hand entered invites that were wrong in some way!

    - Brandon


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