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Show first on mobile - website/form - what does this mean?


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    RSVPify Support Team

    Hi Chris, 

    Thank you for reaching out and being a part of our Community!

    The layout of your event page consists of 2 parts - the event website and the RSVP/registration form. While the desktop view consists of two parts of the screen (event Website and registration Form), the mobile view will by default first show the website part and the form part after the website.

    When sending email invitations through the platform and adding custom buttons, you have the option to select which part of the event page should show first (website or form) on mobile.

    If you select website, this means that when the guests follow the email invitation on mobile they will first see the event website and will be able to go to the registration/RSVP form from there.

    If you select form, this means that they will skip the website section and will immediately be taken to the registration/RSVP form to submit their response.

    I hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any additional questions!

    The RSVPify Team

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