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What exactly do I put on my paper invitations?


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    RSVPify Support Team

    Hi Kassandra, 

    Great question! You can follow the steps in this guide to locate and copy your URL. It is most important that you do not use the "WWW" format when sharing your event link -- more on why here

    If you're planning to use a QR code, be sure to include your event URL along with the QR code. This is important in case any guests don't have access to a smart phone to scan the QR code. You can find tips and recommendations for printing QR codes here.

    Most importantly - be sure to test out your link and QR code before going to print, and one printed do not make any changes to your event link. You can make updates to your website and form as needed and republish changes, just don't change the custom link.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions. 

    The RSVPify Team


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