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Did the Import Spreadsheet Capability for Invitees Stop Working?



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    RSVPify Support Team

    Hi Peter, 

    Hope you are doing well today!

    We noted that you've reached out to our live support team and they will be reaching out to you to ask for more specifics ASAP!

    The RSVPify Team

  • Peter Kane

    Keegan, I got help from Emir, who was able to help resolve the issue.  I will note the resolutions here in case someone else has this problem.  

    1.  My spreadsheets had filters in the columns.  (Possibly I have a setting in Excel that automatically adds them but I'm not sure.)  I had to remove all those filters in Excel before importing.

    2.  I added an extra field in the form and in the spreadsheet - I believe I did this trying to resolve the issue when it first started due to the filters in the sheet - and they are not needed and had to be removed.

    It's now working!



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