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remove titles?



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    Emir from RSVPify

    Hi Jeffrey, 

    Thanks for reaching out and sharing your question with the community. Happy to help here! 

    So, it seems that you initially completed the import of your invite list with the titles included. When your invitees confirm their identity from your invite list, they are given the option to edit their details (names, emails, and titles). However, since titles are not being requested in your form, this means that the system will by default just assign the ones from your invite list to the Dashboard > Overview entry of each invitee who submitted a response.  

    Your seating chart then pulls the invitee details from your invite list and dashboard, which is why you are seeing those titles on the back end. However, an important thing to note is that these titles will only be visible to you on the back end. You are not requesting them from your invitees in the form, which means that they cannot see those titles anywhere, and they won't know that they had titles assigned to them in the first place. 

    I hope this clarifies things, but let us know if you have any additional questions! 

    The RSVPify Team

  • Jeffrey Zaref

    very helpful, thank you!


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