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Instead of seeing my RSVP form, my guests are being asked to find their invitation.


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    RSVPify Support Team

    Hi Reese, 

    Great question, thank you for sharing it with the community! 

    It sounds like you are using an invite list for your event. Any event that uses an invite list will contain a verification step before the invitee is allowed to access the RSVP block and submit a response. That step appears in the form of a 'find my invitation' block which ensures that only the listed invitees are able to register for your event. 

    That said, while that block cannot be fully removed when the event has an invite list, there are ways to have it skipped during the registration process. You can learn more about these options in this detailed article: What is the 'Find my invitation' block? Can I remove it?

    I hope this helps, but let us know if you have any additional questions! 

    The RSVPify Team

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