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Asking questions to guests based on their previous response



  • Emir from RSVPify

    Hi Joel, 

    Thanks for sharing this great question with the community! 

    The secondary event can in fact be used as a condition in the form. Once a person selects one of the options in the secondary event, the custom questions that follow it can be set to only show up in the form if the attendee responded as 'attending' the secondary event. You can find the entire process of setting up a condition like that in your form via this article: How can I create conditional questions in the form?

    I hope this will helpful, but let us know if you have any additional questions! 

    The RSVPify Team

  • Jason

    Emir, can you help with this? We only want to ask a question if the guest number is 2, NOT 1. Can we set a conditional response based on number of guests in a group? Or can we invite the group to the secondary event, NOT per person? 
    RSVP - 1 then enter name and not ask any other questions. 

    RSVP - 2 then does your guest go to our school? If no, then ask other questions.  


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